The Zenatek Tracking System is a highly reliable and innovative technology-based service we offer our clients. It makes use of a self-powered, energy-efficient device, easily installed and configured for any shipment. The device allows users to track position and temperature, and also detects unattended intrusions or incorrect handling. In its latest iteration, it can also alert users to undesirable levels of luminance or humidity, or abrupt decelerations in transport.

End users can determine the location of their cargo within a few meters by using the ZTS web platform, and they receive email or SMS alerts if the device detects any of the above “alarm events” that exceed user-configured thresholds.

Industry Applications

– Transportation & Distribution
– Assets & Heavy Equipment (agricultural, earth moving equipment, etc.)
– Oil & Gas equipment
– Government & Defence equipment
– Pharmaceuticals
– Perishables and temperature controlled food


With no cabling, external power or antennas, installing and uninstalling this small self-contained
device is easy and does not require specialized personnel and/or special tools.


Operation mode

The ZTS enables asset and goods tracking and monitoring either in container or not.

  • Scheduled position tracking
  • Special alert messages if anomalies are detected

Alarm Messages

The device incorporate different sensors and it may be configured to send automatic alerts.Text messages and e-mails reports the type also of sudden unexpected events.The events include:

  • Container door opening and break-in alarms.
  • Inappropriate handling of the containers or good transported with a Shock detection alarm
  • Device detachment alarm,
  • If refrigerated containers are monitored, the detection of the internal temperature and humidity
    exceed the pre-defined range, than an alarm is triggered.
  • If the geo-fencing system has been put in place, the monitored item get outside the defined area,
    an alarm is triggered.
  • If installed in dry containers, an alarm is triggered when the internal temperature reaches 80°C.
  • The nominal operating life of the lithium batteries is about 4 months, depending on the frequency,
    the amount of data transferred and extreme outside cold temperature.

Scheduled Position Tracking

The device is configured to communicate the asset position, acquired from GPS satellites and/or cellular tower signals, at pre-defined intervals, in compliance with client’s requests.

Zenatek Data Analysis

The ZTS system provides real time event data and reports for the complete trip duration time, for enhancing efficient invaluable strategy, in a very short time.

Corporate Operational Centre

Zenatek offers to each client the use of the Corporate Operation Center. Your personal unique account
and password allows monitoring an entire fleet of containers or assets.Zenatek can also provide a customized ‘turn-key’ Operation Center. Typically for enterprise level customers or those handling critical goods, this solution assures maintenance and future software upgrades.

ZTS will help you negotiate more advantageous rates with your insurance partner. The ZTS solution
aids your transport strategies, ensuring constant real-time monitoring and improving security of your
goods while in transit, at a lower cost.

Installation and usage

ZTS Brochure

Download ZTS Brochure